It forwards each request downstream to a single element determined by making a targeting and routing decision based on the request. Mariage players, Tlcharger Fm de, music-Description: If a proxy wishes to detect loops, the « branch » parameter it supplies MUST depend on all information affecting processing of a request, including the incoming Request-URI and any header fields affecting the request’s admission or routing. When a TU wishes to send a request, it creates a client transaction instance and passes it the request along with the destination IP address, port, and transport to which to send the request. It generally contains information that allows a proxy to input a URI and receive a set of zero or more URIs that tell the proxy where to send the request.

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When a timeout error is received from the transaction layer, it MUST be treated as if a Request Timeout status code has been received. A logical entity that maintains the client and server transaction state machines defined by this specification during the processing of a request, also known as a transaction stateful proxy. In addition to DNS and location service lookups shown in this example, proxy servers can make flexible « routing decisions » to decide where to send a request. No linear whitespace LWS is allowed in any of the elements. Section 12 discusses dialogs and presents the procedures for their construction and maintenance, in addition to construction of requests within a dialog. During request Rosenberg, et.

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If this primitive is used to deliver a session description written in SDP, for instance, the endpoints can agree on the parameters of a session. When a redirect server returns a 3xx response to a request, it populates the list of one or more alternative locations into the Contact header field.


A caller retains this role from the time it sends the initial INVITE that established a dialog until the termination of that dialog. If a Unsupported Media Type response is received Section These UASs will frequently need to query the user about whether to accept the Rosenberg, et. The construction of this value follows the same guidelines of Section 8. Add a Via header field value 9. One way is administratively. If unauthenticated requests were handled statefully, then malicious floods of unauthenticated requests could create massive amounts of Rosenberg, et.

For instance, a proxy MAY forward a request from one TCP connection to another transaction statelessly as long as it places enough information in the message to be able to forward the response down the same connection the request arrived on. Loop detection is performed by verifying that, when a request returns to a proxy, those fields having an impact on the processing of the request have not changed.

Such a request needs to be forwarded to the proxy using the indicated port and transport.


A UAC may learn how to populate the To header field for a particular request in a number of ways. Usually the user will suggest the To header field through a human interface, perhaps inputting the URI manually or selecting it from some sort of address book.

A proxy that receives requests from a client, even though it may not be the server resolved by the Request-URI. Session Initiation Protocol June This provides a modest level of backwards compatibility with RFCwhich allowed absolute times in this header field. Session Conhactsay Protocol June defined in Section Session Initiation Protocol June Section 12 for more information on an endpoint’s use of Record-Route header fields.


contactsay 0.1

A proxy can operate in either a stateful or stateless mode for each new request. This response establishes a dialog, and therefore follows the procedures of Section In some circumstances, the received Request-URI is placed into the target set without being modified.

Session Initiation Protocol June specification that is, globally unique. This request may be forwarded by proxies, eventually arriving at one or more UAS that can potentially accept the invitation. SIP can be used to initiate a contactszy that uses some other conference control protocol. SIP contcatsay five facets of establishing and terminating multimedia communications: If the remote sequence number was not empty, and the sequence number of the request is greater than the remote sequence number, the request is in order.

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contactsay 0.1

Both request and response messages include the version of SIP in use, and follow [H3. A dialog is identified by a call identifier, local tag, and a remote tag. Session Initiation Protocol June Certain other requests are sent within a dialog. All 2xx, 3xx, 4xx, 5xx and 6xx responses are final. A Status-Line consists of the protocol version contactsqy by a numeric Status-Code and its associated textual phrase, contacgsay each element separated by a single SP character.

The following groups of header field rows are valid and equivalent: The proxy core determines where to route the request, choosing one or more next-hop locations.